Alessandra Tognoloni

Alessandra Tognoloni

CAP d’ail , France

I am a ballet dancer living in Monaco travelling the world

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528 €

Alessandra Tognoloni

I can Dance a Solo at any venue for a Gala Dinner a Birthday Party or another Type of Event.

1055 €

Duo Magic

A pas de Deux of my Choice with my partner Francesco Mariottini

1372 €

Choose your dance

You can have a pas de deux with a my Partner or a solo of your Choice you can choose a theme of your romance and i can make a Choreografie of a particolare theme , such a romance , Sadness , Happyness , Dance , modern , classical (as an Example)

739 €


I can be improvising at any Event dancing and Entertaining your evening

528 €

Pictures Experience

Do you Need an artistic Photo , of Body shapes , emotions? I can be the Soul of your picture

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