Cannes , France

Distinct is an innovative international singing and dancing band with a large repertoire to suit and adapt to any type of event.

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Distinct is an international group consisting of 2 female singers and 2 male singers. For several years now they’ve been traveling around the world. From Miami to Beijing, Moscow, Bangkok or Dubai, they perform during prestige events (official evening for the White House in Washington, luxury jewelers, the "Festival de Cannes", the FIA Formula-e and many private parties). These 4 performers decided to pool their talents to offer you a real show named «Distinct». Thanks to their creativity and skills their choreographies adds a synchronized visual effect that will astonish the audience and make the difference. As they sing and dance, they also do not hesitate to step off stage and mingle with the guests which provides an immediate of the band’s trademark! From jazz standards to soul or the latest hits or club and deep house music, their huge repertoire allows them to reach and suit any audience with a real-time programming. "Their passion leads them to you…so get ready to rock!!!"


7913 €

Distinct (International)

Duration 2 hour show split in 2 or 3 sets.

5275 €

Distinct (France)

Duration 2 hour show split in 2 or 3 sets.

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