The Monarchs

The Monarchs

NIce , France

Party Band perfect for every occasion. International repertoire including songs in 16 languages. Jazz, gypsy jazz, pop, rock, and modern music. Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Business Dinners, Birthday Celebrations, VIP Events, Award Ceremonies, Cocktail Receptions, Fashion Shows, Restaurant Entertainment, Opening Ceremonies…

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House band of Le Club 55 St Tropez since 2016. We performed for the Royal Family at Windsor and entertained private events around the Riviera as well as in Courchevel, Milan, St Moritz, and Mexico. We also entertained many celebrities and VIP individuals as Pamela Anderson, Heidi Klum, David Geffen, SAS Prince Albert Rainier III of Monaco, Piers Morgan, Naomi Campbell, Antonio Banderas, and many more. We can perform up close at your table or create a perfect atmosphere with background music. Let us transform your party ! 


4220 €

Monarchs Entertainment

3 x 45 minutes sets. We propose the first set where we welcome the guests with background jazz music, and after the break we perform 2 more sets while strolling around the tables.

3693 €

Monarchs Cocktail

2 x 40 min sets of background music, including jazz, smooth jazz, and bossa nova music.

2954 €

Monarchs Wedding Reception

1 hour selection of Romantic Jazz Music

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