Fra. M.

Fra. M.

cap d'ail , France

Professional Ballet Dancer with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Model occasionally.

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I' m mostly a dancer at the moment and I work full time as a soloist with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. I am 32 years old, dark blond, green eyes and I have many things in my background; I have been worked with Emporio Armani as a model, act in few movies, dance in two musicals and worked many years on the most important tv talent show in Italy. Also worked in big ballet company such as Stuttgart Ballet and Aterballetto.



1055 €

couple goal ballet

One beautiful Pass de Deux with a magical music next to my splendid partner Alessandra Tognoloni, will take you out of the world with the story we will tell you with our movements and lifts.

1583 €

couple double goal

Two splendid pas de deux again with my splendid partner Alessandra Tognoloni.

one totally different than the other... but two beautiful Master Piece.

844 €

modelling for a night

cat-walk, pose, wearing, talking to people, all you need to show to your client during your event.

528 €

Photo Section

I can be your model for any kind of picture.

739 €

Dancing Impro

Do you need somebody to dance improvising during your party? I can be that one..

739 €

Solo 1

I can dance a beautiful solo and I can also create something new in case of specific requests.

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